Vanessa McNamaraDietitian Vanessa McNamara has done her fair share of travelling!

Since graduating from a Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics at The University of Sydney, Australia in 2000, Vanessa has been fortunate enough to be able to combine her love of life, food and travel with a varied 11-year career as a dietitian. She has lived and worked in rural South Australia, throughout the United Kingdom, in the exciting Indian cities of Bangalore and Mumbai and now resides in the foodie metropolis, Singapore.

Throughout her journey, Vanessa has gained considerable experience across a wide field of dietetics – and life! She has tasted some amazing food, learnt to appreciate a variety of cultures, developed a keen interest in how people think and behave and has come to realise that food, nutrition and human interaction is what makes her smile!

Vanessa’s special interests are weight management, chronic disease management and sports. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and current member of Dietitians Association of Australia and is also a member of the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association. She completed Level 3 Behaviour Change training in the UK, the Sports Nutrition Course at Australian Institute of Sport, is a member of Sports Dietitians Australia and is a qualified ISAK Level 1 anthropometrist.

Vanessa is passionate about the power of behaviour change. She loves helping people achieve their goals in a practical and enjoyable way. She believes that improving one’s relationship with food is the key to achieving optimal health.