Nutrition and Food Safety course for Helpers

This useful and informative course for helpers is held over 2 sessions on consecutive weeks for 1 hour each session. Your helper can choose to come to one or both sessions.

Week 1 will cover food safety and hygiene and some nutrition basics such as different types of fats, a guide to appropriate portion sizes, ways to reduce salt in cooking and increase vegetable content of meals.

Week 2 will cover nutrition for children, including the important nutrients to focus on for a growing child, tips on dealing with fussy eaters and how to develop healthy eating habits in children with practical snack and meal ideas.

Cost: $35 per session

Introduction to Solids Workshop for new parents

If you are thinking about starting your solids journey with your baby, this up-to-date, informative workshop will help you feel like you start the journey armed with the latest research and with many practical ideas on introducing food to your baby. The 2-hour workshop will cover:

  • a summary of the most recent infant feeding guidelines
  • what foods to introduce, when and how?
  • essential nutrients for infants and how to introduce these
  • useful equipment to use when introducing solids
  • traditional weaning vs baby-led weaning – the pros and cons of both
  • how to establish healthy eating habits from the start
  • case studies
  • useful resources

If you arrange a group and a venue, The Travelling Dietitian will be happy to run a workshop for you and your friends.

Cost: For 6 or more people – $55 each. For less, $75 each with a minimum of 4 people.

How to deal with a Picky Eater workshop for parents or school staff

The Travelling Dietitian will offer her top 10 tips on how to deal with your fussy eaters. We often blame ourselves as parents if our children don’t eat well but there are many complex factors involved in what and how children eat.

Vanessa will highlight when to be concerned, how to help improve your child’s eating habits, important factors to consider when deciding what and how to feed your child and how to respond to the meal time tantrum.

Cost: TBA

Please email to register or for more details

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