Despite the fact that Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns have been in the shops for months, now is the time we should finally start to appreciate them.

Don’t get me wrong, Easter foods are delicious, but if we limit them to just Easter time, it makes them even more delicious and special. Chocolate Easter eggs are high in calories, sugar and saturated fat so shouldn’t really be part of our diet all year round! They’re fine to enjoy in small quantities sometimes though.

Check out the facts:

1 crème egg (39g)                             =               6g fat and 5 teaspoons (25g) sugar


1 small Gold Bunny (100g)          =               33g fat and 10 teaspoons (49g) sugar



The best way to enjoy your Easter foods without the guilt is:

  • Limit Easter eggs to the Easter weekend only or even one specific day over the weekend
  • Go for quality not quantity. Buy small, individual eggs rather than large ones
  • Enjoy your Easter eggs. Eat them slowly and mindfully – make every mouthful count
  • Combine a good quality small egg with another non-food related gift, such as flowers or a plant or a toy for the kids
  • Enjoy your hot cross bun without all the butter. Even better, make your own so you know what they contain and keep them in the freezer so you’re not tempted to eat them all at once
  • Play fun games with kids that don’t focus around chocolate such as painting eggs, making bunny faces or hiding small toys, plastic eggs and a smaller number of chocolate eggs for them to find
  • Remember to continue to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables over the Easter weekend


Happy Easter everyone. Have a great, relaxing long weekend.


If you are in Singapore and feel you would like a dietitian to help you get back on track after Easter, please contact The Travelling Dietitian for an appointment.


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