Putting the fun back into eating

The Travelling Dietitian

will provide the most practical and evidence-based nutrition advice to benefit your entire family. Whether it be helping your picky eater to try something new, teaching you how to manage a household with food allergies or guiding all members of the family through happy, peaceful mealtimes.

Vanessa understands that hectic lifestyles mean accessing the service of health professionals can be difficult. She also knows that children often find the clinic environment uncomfortable and confronting. Her aim is to bridge this gap by removing travel time and bringing a healthier life to you and your family.

Consultations will be both theoretical and practical. All the information that Vanessa provides is evidence-based and her practical approach ensures it is as easy as possible to put her suggestions into practice. Once she has defined and agreed specific goals, Vanessa tailors every consultation to meet your individual needs. This could include:

  • Cooking with you and/or your helper in your kitchen
  • Observing your child’s mealtime and demonstrating food play techniques that encourage positive interactions with food
  • A trip to the supermarket looking at food labels
  • Guiding you on the contents of your pantry or fridge

Vanessa will help with whatever it takes to make it easier to achieve your goals! Her ultimate aim is for you and your family to love food!.


Does your child struggle to gain weight due to a limited diet? Did they have difficulty transitioning from pureed foods and now tolerate only specific textures? Are they fearful of new foods? Are mealtimes a constant battle for everyone?


Whether you or your child has a single or multiple food allergies, FPIES or EOE, Vanessa will help you to manage the allergy and any food eliminations that are required, ensuring you meet all of your nutrient and growth requirements along the way.


Building a positive relationship with food and your body is the key to feeling and performing at your best. Having the ability and confidence to make mindful choices and to trust your internal cues takes practice and support.


fun with food