The Travelling Dietitian offers a range of options to suit you and your family’s lifestyle and needs. We do have packages available but we also like to tailor these to suit individuals because we understand that everyone is different.

We can see you on an appointment-by-appointment basis but we also offer one-month, three-month and six-month packages for individuals, couples and families. Most of the packages involve:

  • Initial 1-hour consultation including a detailed assessment and goal setting
  • 30-minute follow-up consultations covering a variety of topics suited to your individual requirements
  • Cooking and/or recipe modification session
  • Supermarket tour

In response to common requests, we have developed some structured programmes to provide you with the highest level of support.

Weight Management

Weight ManagementHave you come to a stage where you feel like you’ve tried every diet available but you still haven’t reached a weight you’re comfortable at?

Do you feel like you can go on a diet for a few weeks but soon lose interest and end up gaining more weight than you lost in the first place?

Are you frustrated that you’re putting so much effort into changing your lifestyle but not seeing the results you want to see?

The Travelling Dietitian would like to help you put the fun back into food with a non-dieting approach. Our focus on practical ways to improve your lifestyle and the importance of developing a good relationship with food will ensure you achieve your goals and feel at your most comfortable.

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Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders

Family HealthDoes your child struggle to gain weight due to a limited diet? Did they struggle to transition from pureed foods and tolerate only specific textures? Are they fearful of new foods? Are mealtimes a constant battle for everyone?

Vanessa is trained in Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Therapy and the SOS Approach to Feeding. This is an evidence-based approach to dealing with extreme fussy eaters and children with strong food aversions. She has a keen interest in helping children to develop a healthy relationship with food and believes that teaching them how to eat through play and positive experience is the key to a healthy eater.

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Sports Nutrition

Sports NutritionAre you training for the next marathon, triathlon or 5km walk and want to eat for peak performance?

Do you feel that despite all the effort you are putting into your training schedule, your energy levels are zapped and your weight doesn’t seem to change?

Would you like to focus on changing your skinfolds and performance rather than your weight alone?

The Travelling Dietitian can conduct a detailed skinfold assessment to provide you with more indicators of your success than just weight. Research indicates that the food and fluids you consume before, during and after exercise can have a significant impact on your success and performance in your chosen sport and can help you to exercise to your full potential. We can assist by developing an eating plan specific to your training schedule to ensure you perform at your best!

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