Nutrition Consulting

The Travelling Dietitian can provide a range of services to your company or business to help improve performance and productivity, reduce illness and improve energy levels and immunity in your workplace.

Research suggests that a healthy lifestyle impacts significantly on your performance at work so we would like to help you achieve your best results!

This can be in a format suited to you. Some of the services we offer include:


We cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Eating for Peak Performance
  • Changing Your Eating Behaviour for the Better
  • How can Diet Improve Productivity?
  • Or a topic to suit your team


We offer a variety of practical ways to enable your staff to make healthy choices including:

  • Hawker centre tours
  • Supermarket tours
  • Meal planning sessions

Online Services

We share our knowledge via the following mediums:

  • Online consultations
  • e-Newsletters
  • Customised email memos to your staff containing practical healthy eating tips, behaviour change techniques, healthy lifestyle reminders and recipes

Individual Consultations

See Our Service for more details.