Do you ever wonder what makes your instant noodles so flavoursome? Your breakfast cereal so colourful? Your stir-fry sauce so sweet?

Well, I can tell you – whatever it is, there’s nothing natural about it!!

There are more and more packaged, processed, colourful, crunchy, crispy, salty, fatty, sweet foods that come in a box, carton, container, packet, bottle, cup, can, or bag in our supermarkets today than ever before. Simultaneously, there are over 1.5 billion adults and 43 million children under the age of 5 worldwide who are overweight or obese. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

The more we eat these readily accessible foods, the less aware we become of what constitutes real food!! Do we really want our children growing up believing pasta comes from an animal and yoghurt comes from a plant? Apparently 20% of Australian children already do. Worse still, many prefer to think they come from a packet.

Here enters Jamie Oliver! I have to admit, I’ve had a tiny crush on Jamie O for well over a decade now and one of my most memorable moments was meeting him at a food festival in Birmingham many years ago. Jamie has managed to take centre stage in bringing the world’s attention to the benefits of real food. He has inspired many a budding chef and helped the rest of us realise how fun cooking and eating can be.

May 19th is Food Revolution Day, a concept developed by the Jamie Oliver Foundation. The day provides an opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate food, to share information, resources and talent; for schools and businesses to think about the food choices they provide; for experts to pass on their knowledge; and to empower people to make better food choices. Food Revolution Day is all about standing up for real food and inspiring people everywhere to promote the mission for better food education for all.

I will be joining other passionate volunteers, including chefs, musicians and other health professionals, this Saturday 19th May to bring Singapore’s attention to the charms of real food! As The Travelling Dietitian, I will be presenting a talk to inspire you all to create healthy, delicious meals on the go. For those in Singapore, please join us for a funfilled afternoon at The Lawn, Biopolis Way from 4-8pm. For those outside of Singapore, find out if there is a Food Revolution event happening in your area.

In the meantime, try a new recipe, taste a new food, cook from scratch, learn where your food has come from, visit a farmers market. Do whatever you can to appreciate real food!!

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