Asia has never been a favourite destination for those who follow a strict gluten-free diet. A request for ‘no soy sauce please’ generally doesn’t go down so well!!

Asia’s love of sweet bread, cakes, thickening agents, sauces and noodles coupled with a low prevalence rate of Coeliac disease in SE Asia have meant that any type of gluten sensitivity is poorly understood in Singapore. There have previously been very few gluten-free foods available in supermarkets here but this is thankfully slowly starting to change.

One of the foods a Coeliac often misses the most is bread. And good gluten-free bread is hard to find. So a few of us dietitians got together to taste three of the gluten-free breads on offer in Singapore. Armed with our butter and jam and a keen palate, these were our findings:


1. Gluten-free wholemeal bread rolls from Jonathan’s  – WINNER 


These rolls look just like any small dinner roll. The taste is rather bland but tasty enough with some butter and jam. The texture is great and very similar to gluten bread.

We liked: the fact they are wholemeal, the bready texture, the lack of crumble, the kitchen is completely gluten-free so no risk of contamination, you can buy baked or part-baked

We didn’t like: the slightly bland taste

Cost: $6 for 4 bread rolls

2. Udi’s gluten-free white sandwich bread (purchased from Supernature)


This sliced bread has a good texture but a very sweet taste and not so sweet price. There was no need for jam on Udi’s!

We liked: the bready texture

We didn’t like: we could only find the white version, it comes frozen, the sweet taste, the price

Cost: $16



3. Gluten-free bread from Baker & Cook


This freshly baked loaf weighs a tonne but smells and looks a treat! It’s a shame the taste did not live up to our expectations.

We liked: the smell, the appearance

We didn’t like: the density, the soapy texture and the way it disintegrates in your mouth, it’s only available fresh on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Cost: $9.50


I know there are more gluten-free breads available in Singapore so would love to hear your thoughts – what’s your favourite and why?


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